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Friday, October 14, 2005

Double Glazing assistance request

If anybody could point me towards a source, I want to buy a 2-part, snap together, plastic trim used to surround home windows. This plastic strip glued or screwed to the inner perimeter of the window frame and it holds the shrink-to-fit clear plastic weatherproofing used to keep out drafts. The only place I've ever seen this stuff was in England when we lived there. I've been using the double-backed tape for a few years now to put up the plastic on my windows but it just doesn't work very well.

I've tried Googling this stuff without success, so I am very open to assistance. It is about 1/2" wide, the outer portion is permanently fastened down and the inner portion snaps in and out, trapping the shrink plastic between the two halves. If you know where I can buy some, please leave me a comment or an email.

My Dad helped me out with a problem I couldn't solve last week with Home Depot. I tried twice to locate at HD the Damp Rid hanging bags that I used last year to keep my gun locker dry. Each time the HD staff could not help me, partly becasue I didn't remember the product name. My Dad knew the product name and with that, I found a clerk that could dig around in the HD computer nad find what I wanted. I bought the 3-pack! If you want any Damp-Rid products, they are above the thinners and paint cleaners in the paint section...

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